Puppy Training in
Tustin & Orange County

Congratulations on your newest fluffy member of the family! If you’re looking for puppy training near me, EveryDog’s EveryPup program is just right for your little pup. EveryPup is a puppy training Orange County service that helps your puppy learn the skills it needs to adapt to the world smoothly. With our team of dog-lovers, we are here to provide your pup the exposure to many life scenarios it needs, to better socialize with a variety of people and pets like them.

Like how children learn from their mothers during the beginning stages of life, your puppy needs that loving and caring nourishment too. Training your pup includes having a safe environment, encouragement and more, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed when your pup is in our EveryPup program. Our program focuses on force-free training and teaches your dog basic communication, discipline and training for pups as young as 8 weeks old. Since puppies learn about the world through curiosity and emotions – just like we do – it is crucial to start dog training early.

Before handing your puppy off to us for training, teach your furry friend handling by petting and massaging it daily. To ensure that your pup won’t act out while getting something as simple as a vet examination or nail trim done, ease your pup with body, tail, paws, ears, and teeth pets, and award them with treats for good behavior.

Some highlights your puppy will learn in EveryPup:

  • Basic Commands
  • Communication
  • Socialization
  • Animal Husbandry (Ex: brushing, teeth cleaning, etc.)
  • Daily Schedule (Ex: feed and nap times)
  • Toilet Training
  • And More!



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