Dog Grooming
Tustin & Orange County

Finding the best dog grooming Orange County service for your dog can be challenging, considering the variety of amenities that it can provide. With EveryDog, we narrow our dog Salon & Spa Grooming services to: Grooming, Pampering and Trimming.

Our Grooming sessions starts with a simple bath with natural shampoos and conditioners to keep your dog’s fur healthy, clean, and smelling good! Dog specialists recommend that you should bathe your dog at least once every two months, depending on the type of breed they are, how frequent they play outside and their current skin condition.

With our Pampering sessions, we offer blueberry facials to remove any dead skin cells and impurities that may be covering your dog’s adorable snoot. This cleanse is made of only natural ingredients, making it safe for you and your dog to enjoy! We also take the time to brush out your dog’s hair to remove dust, prevent tangles and spread its natural oils throughout its coat.

When it comes to Trimming your dog’s hair, we have a team of stylists that will cut your dog’s hair to your liking, and make sure that your dog will be the fashion icon of the neighborhood! Other than trimming your dog’s hair, we can also trim its nails too. Many dog owners consider trimming their dog’s nails to not only make it neater, but also to preserve the quality of their furniture and floor.

If you are concerned that your dog will run wild and start to play at our Salon & Spa Grooming service, we have lick mats in the tubs to distract and give it something to nibble on. With dog grooming near me, we hope that our professional team at EveryDog will provide your dog the best cleaning experience ever!



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