Force Free Dog Training
Tustin & Orange County

Teaching a child to be discipline takes time, patience and encouragement, similar to how you should train your dog. With our Force-free Dog Training, we do not involve any kind of punishment like hitting, kicking, yelling, electronic collars, choke chains, etc. that will harm your dog. By making your dog feel scared, humiliated, or helpless, this will only encourage it to be aggressive, anxious, or distrust you. With force-free dog training near me, we will provide you the tools you need to better train your dog!

Drastic changes in how dog owners train their dogs were made when new behavioral researches revealed more about a dog’s thinking patterns. With the new data discovered from the research, we not only have a better understanding of dogs, but also an improvement on current training programs that dog training centers have.

What does effective training look like? In all modern force-free training programs, they substitute punishments with a reinforcement on optimistic emotions. For example, when a trained dog obeys a command, it gets rewarded with its favorite treat or toy. With this mindset, the dog will continue to repeat that action in hopes to earn another reward. So instead of anticipating fear or a painful punishment for doing something wrong, the dog will have a better feeling of security and joy with you!

When considering which force-free dog training Orange County center to register your dog for, interview the dog trainer(s) there on how they reward and punish a dog’s behavior and pay attention to what equipment they use during their classes. Remember to look out for your dog’s mood before and after its meeting with the trainer. If it comes out of training happy, then that dog training center is a perfect match for it. At EveryDog, we are dedicated to providing your furry companion the best growth experience it can get with the proper training it needs.



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