Frequently Asked Questions

Get informed about what makes EveryDog unlike any facility in Southern California.

How do I get my pup into this awesome program?

Your pup must be between 8-13 weeks old (at time of enrollment), have a negative fecal test, and have one set of vaccinations (including bordetella) at least one week prior to their first day.

· I was told my pup can’t be around other dogs until he is fully vaccinated. What makes EveryDog different?

Safe socialization is the most important part of your pup’s critical development between 8-16 weeks. Safe is the operative word here, and this is where EveryDog stands apart from average canine facilities. We create a safe, sterile environment that enables pups to take part in the natural socialization activities they require.

The American Veterinarian Society of Animal Behavior (i.e. really, really smart peeps) have a whole position statement on the subject

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