Dave Dreyfus is a Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College.  After educating owners and saving dogs in Connecticut, Dave moved his talents to Southern California in late 2011, and is eager to help you.  He has been around and enamored with dogs since he was practically born.  His end game is simple – to help dogs and their owners.  He has the perfect blend of knowledge and great interpersonal skills – two values that make a complete trainer.

Dave had a pit bull mix named Rocky who was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 5.  He lasted 2 years and 8 months from diagnosis, and Rocky’s battle with cancer changed Dave’s life forever.  He has aspirations of opening a non-profit organization that will serve as the middle ground between owners of seriously-ill pets and the care that they need and deserve.  He realized to get to this point, he needs to make his mark in the animal industry.  Training is his first love – and first step.

You are all part of his journey.

Dave has volunteered for shelters and pet adoptions for many years.  He is a former Humane Commissioner for the City of New Haven, CT, former Director of CUDA (Critical Urgent Donations for Animals), a wonderful non-profit organization, and was an integral part of the planning committee for Connecticut’s National Pit Bull Awareness Day.

He is married to his beautiful, loving and supporting wife Desi, and they are parents to their amazing (human) son, Luca.  They also share parental duties for their Jack Russell-mix, Halo.